Media Responsibility Part #1

Some 'Beyond Branding' friends and I... (stand up and be double-counted, John Moore)... are considering an action-orien...

August 13, 2003

Some ‘Beyond Branding’ friends and I… (stand up and be double-counted, John Moore)… are considering an action-oriented conference for February in conjunction with our friends at ‘CSR DataNetworks’.

Our intention is to probe and progress the issue of ‘media reponsibility’. What exactly is media’s duty to society and are the living up to it?

My personal goal is to find some practical collaborative routes forward to achieve a more sustainable media.

I was going to kick off that debate with an extract from the meedja’s own pet rag, ‘press gazette’, page 3, issue:08/08/03, which should have set the tone for a very serious debate…”Blair puts faith in Phillis inquiry to rebuild trust”.

Seemed promising. However, after poring over the article for 10 minutes I couldn’t find a two-sentence extract worth quoting. So I edit here, verbatim.

Prime Minister – death.”. This genuine summary seems to accidentally exemplify the current relationship between media and government….and by extension, all sources – companies, NGOs, pressure groups, pundits…

The power of selective editing, eh!?

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