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Something very, very important happened to me this week. I ordered a key ring. For £9.99. Quite expensive you may...

September 15, 2004

Something very, very important happened to me this week.

I ordered a key ring. For £9.99.

Quite expensive you may think. But I also doubled the value of an organic pig; I supported the rights of European labourers; I struck a blow against terrorist funding sources; I contributed to the nurture of 32 species of bird in Wiltshire. I asserted my right to know precisely what it is that I am being sold and agreed to be humanly accountable for my decisions.

You see my key ring comes with a number attached. That number is unique to my keyring. With it I can trace the companies, the processes, the chemicals, the corn, the ethical policies, labour practices and even the individuals who conducted the processes which contributed to make my key ring.

Courtesy of a lifelong passion for transparency, and knowing some true visionaries, I believe I am the first person in the world to buy a fully transparent product and that’s pretty f*****g cool. It is due to arrive next week.

I am a fully paid-up infowarrior.

The reason I can do this, is a direct result of real hard graft collaboration by the entire value-chain at ROMP.

ROMP’s innovation creates the world’s first fully traceable product brand. By offering all products with complete value-chain traceability, the brand enables consumers to take responsibility for their impact on the world. It provides an accountable, buyer-centric mechanism for enacting social, ethical and environmental change – making the extrinsic impact of consumerism explicit. In future, it will be able to produce products tailored to your own ethical criteria.

The project has taken 18 months and £x00,000 + of cash and hard graft collaboration to bring to fruition, relying upon the wisdom, passion and collaboration of all partners – from Helen Browing’s organic farm, to Tim Wilson’s traceability product. The Soil Association – which accredits this as the world’s first organic leather are also involved, together with the Mutch Meats slaughterhouse, and tanners in Slovenia who work to the very highest ethical and humane standards.

By exposing its product ‘truth’ to the world, ROMP renders traditional ‘veneer’ branding obsolete. In a ROMPing future, the value-chain, not the advertising IS the product, and the change enacted by the value-chain is the brand.

ROMP is the most exciting thing to happen to fashion, and the most exciting thing to happen to retail, since the invention of the supermarket. It is in some ways the crystallisation of the beyond branding ethos.

The opportunity now exists to change the world by changing your trousers. The gauntlet is now thrown down for other retailers similar accountability.

“Buy the change you want to see in the world”

Transparency allows us to assert our connectedness to the world and makes that impact visible.

Want to calculate the product miles, the biodiversity footprint, the employment displacement, the energy cost, the CO2 emissions of your purchases? In principle: with the traceability software – you can. And once you know you can; believe me, you will – according to your own ethics.

Transparency is a double-edged sword. It brings both ‘a right to know and a duty to act’.

If the world ROMPED, we would truly get the world we deserve. For good or ill.

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