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So much meaning; so little understanding So here it is...the 'changeling', a 2" x 2.5" square of fully transparent...

October 1, 2004

So much meaning; so little understanding Posted by Hello

So here it is…the ‘changeling’, a 2″ x 2.5″ square of fully transparent leather (and my ‘Milou’/’Snowy’ keyring for any Tintin lovers out there #;¬}). Doesn;t look much for £9.99.

But this is NOT just a keyring though. This is a tiny iconic representation of a consumer revolution, which is ony just beginning…

In truth, I might as well carry its code number with me as actually use the keyring. I may as well recycle it now. Its role in the world was complete at the moment I bought it.

My changeling’s unique code number is 31400010010, (the middle 0001 signifies that it’s the first organic certified leather and the final 10 denotes the 10th keyring to be dispatched).

When you input this code into ROMP’s traceability engine (go here; click the little ‘i’ button beside a changeling and enter my code number) you can see the entire product history. Not just the suppliers and not just the individual people, but every single production process.

The software providers are currently working on making this more visually informative, but the core information is already in place.

I have spent this last week on the phone trying to explain to media what this means for retailers’ use of power, what it means for branding, and what it means for consumer power, what it means for the fashion industry and what it means for UK farming…

Bizarrely enough, the first publication to really latch onto this to date (which has now written about this twice in 2 weeks) is PR Week. From such acorns…

This is not about good or bad ethics, it’s about consumers finally owning up to their own accountability to the world…and seeking the information to enact that resonsibility.

ROMP is the first company to give them that opportunity.

Buy yourself a changeling and assert your right to know the truth.

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