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Thanks to Johnie Moore for collecting this gem from Harry Joiner's blog 'proven ways to get new customers':"A guy dies a...

March 15, 2005

Thanks to Johnie Moore for collecting this gem from Harry Joiner‘s blog ‘proven ways to get new customers':

“A guy dies and goes to heaven. At the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter says: ‘Although you qualify for heaven, I’ll give you the option of staying here or going to hell. I’ll even let you spend a day in each place before you decide.” So the dead man spends the first day in heaven, which is quiet and relaxed. On Day Two, one of Satan’s sales reps shows the guy around hell – where everyone’s partying like it’s 1999.

“On the third day the dead guy informs Saint Peter: ‘As much as I always wanted to go to heaven, the folks in hell really know how to have a great time. I’d rather spend eternity there.’

“Immediately, Satan’s sales rep reappears and escorts the guy to hell, where he’s shackled to a stone wall. ‘Here’s your new home!’ the man is told. ‘But wait! You can’t do this!” the guy yells.

“I was here just yesterday, and everyone was having a wonderful time. What’s going on?’

“Satan’s sales rep says: ‘Yesterday you were a prospect… Today you’re a customer!”

It was ever thus.

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