An Age of Generalisation? – in celebration of focus

'We live in an age of generalisation.' (ho, ho, ho)This little aphorism ironically embodies the ennui I feel recently, s...

November 24, 2005

‘We live in an age of generalisation.’ (ho, ho, ho)

This little aphorism ironically embodies the ennui I feel recently, sat at my blogger interface, struggling for insight. Skating across the surface of life, creating metaphors and meta-againsts, about things I dimly remember understanding. Dipping in and out. Half-aware and half-awake.

This intellectual skateboarding lifestyle was driven home to me yesterday meeting up with my old friend Tim Wilson who, has stayed mono-focused for the past 3 years, building his global vision of customer-accountable supply-chains. I don’t want to jinx anything, but it seems to be entering its next phase of acceleration. Investment and revenues running together, and the team now building out.

Sounds esoteric, but it simply means that consumers finally get what they pay for. Brands become information aggregators, not promise makers.

One site will make the point: Made By is an information manager and co-ordinator of ethical supply-chains, now using Tim’s technology, thanks to its relationship with the organic exchange where his technology is also in use.

Meanwhile, another Wilson customer, ROMP has received a really nice write up in the FT, using Tim’s technology to create a selection of transparently ethical fashion choices.

Just imagine the impact of Walmart embraced this ethical accountability ethos…

If Tim gets his way, Walmart wouldn’t have to rely upon its brand to prove that its sugar is organic or its gold, ethically sourced – it could prove it. And dispense with several tons of environmentally destructive and unauditable paper-trail…

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