Top 10 Global Microbrands

In homage to Hugh Mcleod, I wonder what the world's greatest global microbrand is.Maybe it's time to vote in a top 10?An...

December 16, 2005

In homage to Hugh Mcleod, I wonder what the world’s greatest global microbrand is.

Maybe it’s time to vote in a top 10?

An early candidate, in my book is…the Chuckit.

What is it? I guess it’s a dog ballthrower…to stop your hands getting covered in doggy ooze.

I’d seen people using them. I wanted to buy one, but it took me 45 minutes to find one online…

Dog ballthrowers brings up only 2 mention on google!

and Dog ballthrower only 4.

Other permutations…of dog, ball and throw yielded nothing.

It is, for now, its own category.

A potential global microbrand that utterly fails to use the internet… but grows through its own viral network of dogwalkers seeing other dogwalkers using it. Brilliant.

But it’s not a dog ballthrower, so I guess it’s a Chuckit. Own the category guys…

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