Lords of the Lies?

Dropping by gaping void, which is the only thing apart from johnnie's blog that I read regularly, I caught this link to ...

January 18, 2006

Dropping by gaping void, which is the only thing apart from johnnie’s blog that I read regularly, I caught this link to Susan Getgood, one of the Corante network.

Susan’s really churned up about ‘A’ list blogger Steve Rubel issuing advice on his site to people who want to ‘get linked to’ namely: don’t bother me directly. Get linked by the stuff I read’.

“Use smaller blogs as stepping stones to get you on the larger ones.”

The guys at Media Orchard also have a good critique of all this, and suggest their own advice:

1. Never ask the A-Lister for a general link to your site; instead, e-mail a specific post that you think the blogger may find of interest.

2. When you’re sending out your first post, make sure it’s damned good. The A-Lister may not read future e-mails from you if he/she decides your content is not up to snuff.

3. Send fact-heavy posts with fresh information — never old-news rehashes or opinion pieces. Make sure the post is the kind of thing the A-Lister typically writes about. If you’re not a regular reader of the A-Lister’s blog, become one.

4. Don’t be intimidated. Some so-called A-Listers think they’re hot stuff but have no traffic. You’ll find this out when they link to you, and and you get no referral traffic from the link. Other bloggers — including many that religiously read their e-mail — can send you 5,000 or 10,000 referrals with a single link.

5. Don’t focus solely on A-Listers. You can always e-mail regular-guy bloggers like us. We read everything we receive. In fact, we created “Pick of the Orchard” for the specific purpose of providing exposure for other PR, media and marketing bloggers — including those just starting out. We’re proud that some upstart PR blogs got their first inbound links from Media Orchard.”

However much I applaud ‘Media Orchard’ for this advice(thanks for the link, guys), the fact that we have already spawned legions of ‘advisors’ in this so-called ‘citizens media’ depresses the hell out of me….

At what point of this democratic shipwreck did we decide we needed an ‘elite?

At some point someone will do a robust sociological study of the ethical slippage that the structure of the blogosphere precipitates…

And the ‘A’ listers in all this ? => ‘Lords of the Lies…?’

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