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Tony Quinlan writes beautifully on the power of the fable to change culture.Stories are to corporate culture, what brand...

January 19, 2006

Tony Quinlan writes beautifully on the power of the fable to change culture.

Stories are to corporate culture, what brands are to external marketing.
And the less ‘literal’ they are, the more effective they are. Bit like brands.

Working with the consulting team of relationship marketers, Pell & Bales I’ve been exposed to some wonderful pragmatic marketing. Charities intuitively get the power of fable.

WWF’s supporter relations team tell a nice story internally…on one of their whiteboards. Allowing for the chinese whispers effect, it goes something like this.

“A forest fire breaks out…many of the animals flee. A few, like elephants start to knock down trees to create a barrier…others, like the warthogs start to dig a trench.

A small thrush flies to the sea and returns with a beakful of water which he drops over the fire. Two or three drops.

Again and again he flies, returns and drops.

The others laugh at him. What on earth are you doing?

“I’m doing what I can.”

That’s it. The elegance of a fable is that the reader can intuit the meaning.

Implicitly, the role of WWF’s supporter relations team is to enable its supporters to do what they can…through changes in personal behaviour, through giving, through campaign participation…through whatever it takes.

NOT to fleece them for more cash at every encounter, you notice, but to enable them to achieve their personal goals.

This is rightsideup thinking…in action…

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