Memewatch: All hail the Neocroms

Jim Murphy's Neo-Cromwellian meme is propagating its way around the internet...Neo- cromwellians bow low to all forms of...

January 20, 2006

Jim Murphy‘s Neo-Cromwellian meme is propagating its way around the internet…

Neo- cromwellians bow low to all forms of social self-censorship.

The phenomenon is beautifully captured by the Observer:

The neocrom does not binge drink, smoke, buy big brands, take cheap flights, eat junk food, have multiple sexual partners, waste money on designer clothes, grow beyond their optimum weight, subscribe to celebrity magazines, drive a flash car, or live to watch television.

Here is a typical neo-cromwellian sales encounter:

‘I’m duty bound to ask you if you want to open a store card with a preposterously uncompetitive interest rate,’ announced the young male checkout assistant, who apart from his forthright views appeared for all the world a standard issue 19-year-old in unremarkable skater-boy dress. For my part, I felt duty bound to decline. ‘Good,’ he said. ‘I never push them, sometimes I don’t even mention them, because they just encourage people to get into debt. Personally,’ he pauses to look up at the Sugarbabes gyrating on a large video screen, ‘I’d ban store cards.’

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