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Having signed up to Matt Mower's data warrior pledge at PledgeBank...I find myself one of 20 people committed to complet...

July 25, 2006

Having signed up to Matt Mower‘s data warrior pledge at PledgeBank…I find myself one of 20 people committed to completing a subject access request…following my legal (but unfortunately not constitutional) right to ‘Know what they Know’.

‘They’ being, of course…all those who store my information…

First stop the Information Commissioner’s site.

5 minutes later, I still can’t find how to undertake a subject access request – and typing ‘subject access request’ into the search bar is no good at all…of course.

Back to Matt’s pledge…where I find THE LINK

I now know what to do and have a standard letter template to send to whoever controls my data. Now I need to figure out who to send it to. Knowing, as I do, that these people are known as public data controllers…I find that list on the site, plug in the NHS and heh presto…

…er…confusion…100 entries exist for the NHS, which the site does not list out.

Reverse up and try NHS and Kent to bring up 9 entries. Narrow it down further to my locale here.
Sorted. So…here goes…

I will send a letter to:

The ‘Data Controller’ of Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone NHS Trust… as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam

Please send me the information which I am entitled to under the Section 7(1) of the Data Protection 1998. If you need further information from me, or a fee, please let me know as soon as possible. If you do not normally handle these requests for your organisation, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer or another appropriate official.

Yours faithfully
Tim Kitchin

Am I feeling empowered at this point? Am I hopeful of s swift response? Am I looking forward to the next 800 letters to others who hold my data?

Not a lot. But I am intrigued to know what they know…
I don’t want to be a burden on an overstretched organisation…but you have to start with the most important information.

It’s 25 July 1.45pm…the clock is ticking.

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