Take a stand against communalism

Johnnie Moore has blogged futurist Watts Wacker's interview on hear2...on the future of radio " People are looking to...

February 13, 2007

Johnnie Moore has blogged futurist Watts Wacker’s interview on hear2…on the future of radio

” People are looking to find people like themselves and coming together in almost a neo-tribal orientation of living. And there’s a tremendous opportunity for all media, particularly broadcast media, to facilitate these people finding “themselves” in the easiest possible way. ”

In a trivial way, there’s nothing new here:
Trendwatching has already termed this as ‘twinsumerism’ – the search for people like me as a means of choice-editing and self-actualisation.

But even at a deeper level (beyond the meta-discourse of the interblob), there’s still nothing new here. This is just about finding things that are ‘u’ and ‘non-u’. It’s no different to defining yourself by the newspapers and magazines you read. Daily Mail, or Foreign Affairs. And equally facile.

Media, stories, technology, opinion are all increasingly ephemeral. The very persistence of the internet reduces the need to remember things. To internalise. To learn.

In our endless quest for identity we are becoming more and more identical

You know what? I don’t care what ‘people like me’ bought.
I am not just like them.

So next time you get the chance, don’t buy what ‘people who bought this book’ bought. Take a stand. Buy something wierd!

Put a stop to this communalism. It is a poor substitute for community.