Open Source Planet?

James Farrar, who leads SAP's social responsibility initiatives has just started a personal blog. It's early days, but ...

September 17, 2007

James Farrar, who leads SAP’s social responsibility initiatives has just started a personal blog. It’s early days, but ‘Wisdom of Clouds’ is going be an interesting one to watch (disclosure: SAP is a Glasshouse client).

Now, there are plenty of great blogs out there from environmental activists and CSR advocates…and even a couple of technology literate ones (! James Governor !) but very little of substance from the companies actually trying to live up to their efforts. It’s going to provide a great window onto the realities of CSR. I really hope more corporate CSR and environmental officers will follow his lead and start to share their thinking.

SAP is off the radar for the general public, but their software enables the increasingly complex information exchanges that enable social and environmental accountability.

To parody their own advertising, the fact is: ‘ Planet Earth Runs SAP ‘.

While the industry has very low direct environmental impact, its indirect impact is immense. As CSR practitioners, we all have an interest in helping SAP, IBM, Oracle and the rest to account. These companies constitute our Global Resource Management infrastructure. Their systems can unlock transparency and sustainability through open source systems and networked accountability, or they can bury us in waste, secrecy and bureaucracy.

James’s latest post addresses the question: “What should technology companies do to fulfil their social responsibility?”

If sustainability matters to you, I’d seize the chance to have your say…