Thoughts for the day: New Year’s irresolution

09.32  New year's day.  Bleary-eyed again.  The social ritual begins...speculating over breakfast on 'what to resolve...

January 1, 2008

09.32  New year’s day.  Bleary-eyed again.  The social ritual begins…speculating over breakfast on ‘what to resolve?’ this year.

Will this just be a repetition of the annual cycle of empty gestures, momentarily damming the river to keep kith and kin; commerce and conscience happy?

Or can I actually use the lethargy of new year to determine a new direction. To tip my life off its axis? To reconfigure my personal gravity?

Unlikely.   But just in case, here is a shortlist of things that might actually make a difference:

1. Give up something (anything will do!) – but forever.  [Blogging is a candidate here; as is work, coffee, ‘typos’, and swearing…as well as the more obvious choices!]

2. Commit to a global cause (using the free time released by the abstinence above)

3. Stay fit (undoubtedly necessary to sustain the aforementioned commitment, and an inevitable by-product of abstinence, so easy peasy!)

In the absence of doing any of the above (which all feel rather hard), I shall make a cup of tea and think on…

Normal service will resume shortly, after a couple of paracetomol.