Graphology. Science or Pseudoscience?

A bit of idle bibbling for a couple of minutes at earlier generated the following handwriting analysis:"By ...

March 5, 2008

A bit of idle bibbling for a couple of minutes at earlier generated the following handwriting analysis:

“By analyzing how you cross your ‘t’s, one can determine if you have problems controlling your temper. If your t-bar is flying to the right of the stem, as yours does, then you do have problems controlling your temper! You may become very emotional and even blow your top when you are frustrated. If you are backed against the wall, you will fight back by flying off the handle. You may have difficulty getting along with others.  WRONG.

How you dot your ‘i’s indicates your attentiveness to details. We’re sorry to say that if you never dot your ‘i’s it shows that you are poor with details, careless and forgetful. VERY TRUE.

Determination is your ability to keep moving continuously toward a goal. Analyzing your ‘g’s and ‘y’s will show if your determination is strong or weak. Your ‘g’ looks like a ‘figure 8′. This means that you are very flexible. You don’t get to tasks right away and wait to ‘get around’ to doing them. When you do get around to doing your tasks you may do them along with other things at the same time. TRUE.

Intuition is the ability to understanding things without reasoning. How intuitive are you? To answer this we must examine the letter-spacing of your words. The frequent breaks in-between your letters indicates that you are gifted with insight that enables you to understand and interpret without effort. You sense when you are on the right track and when you are not. You have hunches and may be quick to sense sincerity or insincerity in others. NOT TRUE.  THIS CONFUSES INSIGHT (Yep) WITH INTUITION (Nah)

. Are you open to new ideas? Looking at the width of your letter ‘e’s will help us find out! Your ‘e’s are very tight and closed. This shows that you have your own opinion about things and will stick to your own ideas. It isn’t easy for you to be tolerant because you will have a hard time considering ideas and practices that differ from your own. ONLY TRUE IF THEY ARE DUMB IDEAS. OTHERWISE VERY UNTRUE.

Do you need to be noticed? Looking for the ending stroke of a word to curve up and to the left is a good indication of this! Your words appear to end without this curving stroke. You don’t need to have others approve of what you do. TRUE ON THE SURFACE.  VERY UNTRUE OTHERWISE.

How’s your sense of humour? By look for a soft, wavy line leading into an ‘m’ or ‘n’, one can see if you have a good sense of humour. There is not noticeable embellishment on your lines leading into your ‘m’s and ‘n’s, this means your sense of humour does not show openly. I AM FUNNY!!! HONEST!

Are you self-conscious? The second hump of your ‘m’s are lower than the first, this indicates diplomacy. You can be tactful and co-operative when you are dealing with other people. You would rather negotiate than act like a steamroller. VERY TRUE. ACTUALLY WOULD RATHER SIMPLY CAVE IN.

 The lack of  loops on your ‘t’s and ‘d’s indicate that your feelings aren’t going to be hurt easily.  In fact, you are not sensitive to criticism at all.  You can be objective about the opinions of other people and accept or reject these opinions without getting emotional about them. TRUE.

The analysis of your slant is always more accurate answer if you’ve used unlined paper. The lack of a slant in your handwriting indicates that you are rigid. You could put an imaginary ruler beneath your handwriting.  You are obsessed with structure and have a fear of being proved wrong.  You are imposing stress on yourself and others around you. UTTERLY UNTRUE. LOATHE STRUCTURE. ASSUME THAT I AM WRONG. BUT DO STRIVE TO BECOME ‘RIGHTER’.

 In your ‘t’s, the relatively light weight of your ‘t-bar’ to the stem indicates that you have weak willpower.  You are not too clear about your goals.  You may have a vague idea – perhaps someday you will get around to them. UNTRUE OF GOALS.  TRUE OF TASKS, SADLY.

The lack of loops you have at the bottom of your ‘m’s and ‘n’s indicates that you don’t worry about things. You’re confident in yourself and your decisions. TRUE.

So what’s the verdict?  Quite simply, my handwriting is a scrawl. It’s not designed to be read or even read back; it’s just a clumsy means of creating a kinaesthetic memory of business encounters…I never read back my notes, so it is both compressed (for speed) and irregular (to express reactions to ideas).

CONCLUSIONS? This analysis is cobblers – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something in it at a deeper level.  After all, Agony Aunts write cobblers but CBT does seem to work…