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#Jesuiscontre #Isms of all forms. Humanism, Islamism, Pessimism, Judaism, Republicanism, Liberalism, Racism, Populism...

January 12, 2015

#Jesuiscontre #Isms of all forms.

Humanism, Islamism, Pessimism, Judaism, Republicanism, Liberalism, Racism, Populism, Socialism, Conservatism, Secularism, Individualism, Nihilism.

Even Idealism. Even Optimism. Even Buddhism. Let’s get past the lot of ‘em.

Any time our take on a belief system transcends the simple, present recognition of a common humanity to designate itself as an ‘-ism’, we have already blundered a long way down the wrong track. And any time we set a point of view in order to generalise it, rather than internalise it, we are doomed in terms of personal and social growth.

And on that note let’s also take time to recognise the evils of #Christianism too! Any time Big ‘C’ Christianity produces dogmatic views on gender, sexual identity or sexual practice it is, in effect #Christianism. And should be condemned.

The corollary though, is that abandoning ‘-isms’ presents an opportunity to set aside both our beliefs about the past and our binds to the future – in favour of behaviours in the present. In recognising the positive power of shared behaviours ¬†‘-ities’ if you will: civility, clarity, charity, and yes, true (small c) christianity, we have a chance to build a mindful society, beyond the reach of ¬†individual minds.

My hope for 2015 is that we can talk down all these super-inflated, pretentious -isms, into simple and humble and respectful ‘-ities’. In doing so we must recognise and satirise all beliefs including our own – of whatever nature – to reveal them as the ephemeral and inherently ridiculous human constructions they are.

So down with relativism. But up with relativity; Down with liberalism, but up with liberality. Down with civilism, but up with civility.

My resolution for 2015 is to try and hold fast to a more mindful approach to these thought wars in general. To embrace the polity of the present. To abandon the politics of yesterday, and the politism of tomorrow.

Je suis, of course, but more importantly, tu es. At the end of the day nous sommes, tous, humains. We are, ultimately, just here to help each other to get through this shit, whatever it is :-)